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India ALONG WITH THE Rise ON THE Intolerant Vegetarian
03.08.2017 00:18

There are plenty of ways to become a vegetarian. Although it is commonly believed that fats and diet cholesterol clog arteries” and cause heart disease, such ideas have been shown to be fake by such experts as Linus Pauling, Russell Smith, George Mann, John Yudkin, Abram Hoffer, Mary Enig, Uffe Ravnskov and other prominent researchers (50). On the other hand, studies have shown that arterial plaque is primarily made up of unsaturated fats, specifically polyunsaturated ones, and not the saturated extra fat of animals, palm or coconut (51).
I have on the other hand very different experience… I had been very committed vegetraian for many years (even vegan at some point) and finally I started to eat meat credited to poor stamina, constant tiredness, low iron… etc… I seen massive difference in my performance, increased endurance in sports activities and quicker recovery after sport, increased pores and skin and generally increased sense of wellbeing. EASILY do not eat meat for few days even though I still have plenty of protein from nut products, and milk, eggs etc I tend to get very sore afer any physical activity, get muscle aches and exhaustion… for me eating meat was a go back to health. Having said that I am not a massive beef eater and I still get a whole lot of my health proteins from vegetarian resources. Why I am expressing all the is to emphasise that we are different and our bodies react in another way to various diets so diet which is great for some, is not that ideal for others.
Thus, Mahāmati, wherever you have the evolution of living beings, let people enjoy the idea of kinship with them, and, thinking that all beings are to be loved as though they were an only child, let them refrain from eating meats. So with Bodhisattvas whose characteristics is compassion, the eating of meats is to be avoided by him. Even in exceptional instances, it isn't compassionate of any Bodhisattva of good standing up to eat beef.
But there are also potential pitfalls. Vegetarians, and especially vegans, have low blood vessels levels of supplement B-12 and D, calcium and efa's, corresponding to Dr. Duo's research and another review printed in the American Journal of Clinical Diet in 2014. These vitamins and minerals play important roles in bone health insurance and low essential fatty acids levels are associated with lots of cardiovascular risk factors. Vegans could also have higher degrees of homocysteine, an amino acid solution that is linked to heart disease, and lower levels of HDL, the nice” cholesterol, known to protect the heart.is a vegan diet healthy during pregnancy
It's very very important that we try not to judge others' dietary choices or our very own. There is a great deal of defensiveness and judgment that seems to take a flight around when this issue comes up. Which is sad since it is difficult enough as it is to figure out WHAT to eat. We actually need the maximum amount of openness and dialogue as is possible to avoid grave problems on the way as greatest.


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